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American Pickleball Association

Why Get a Franchise?
For starters, it’s as whole lot of fun! Playing a game you love and making a few bucks along the way, what beats that!? At the American Pickleball Association we say “Love the game, live the game!

Growth around the world is accelerating as the game becomes increasingly played in all corners of the globe. There are no signs of a slow down.

Number of Players in the USA


Increase over 2016


The game of pickleball  is serious business!

You’ve likely viewed the other franchise pages where we show the growth statistics and how the game is picking up steam inside & outside North America. Mass adoption hasn’t even happened yet and the American Pickleball Association is positioned to allow people like you the chance to turn this wonderful game into a profitable hobby, a side business for extra income or even a full time business enterprise.

Pickleball grows in Ohio

Pickleball gains popularity in Ohio

Pickleball Celebrates it's 53rd Birthday!

Amazingly addictive game pickleball is exploding yet remains relatively unknown. It’s now 53 years old!

Fastest Growing Sport in USA

Most people aren’t even aware that a little game known as Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in north america!

Martha's Vineyard Caught up in Pickleball Craze

Yes, it seems even high brow Martha’s Vineyard has succumbed to the influence of Pickleball. The game that seems to be sweeping the nation…

The Game that Has Everything

A little sport from the USA has everything. Young and old alike are caught up in a game called Pickleball, of all things!

The Future is Bright

Pickleball, as a franchise opportunity, is a game changer.

Markets & Growth

American Pickleball Association (“APA”) was formed with the intent of providing enthusiasts of the sport an opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly expanding interest in the sport. Through a franchise model built to organize, promote and further develop the game in protected areas, you have in your hands a vehicle to drive a successful pickleball business.

Roadmap & Guidance

Be your own boss & work from home yet with support, so you’re not alone! A set, proven system to guide you. Training, tools, marketing, operational support and integrated systems necessary to build a Pickleball related business. Franchising with us turns the game you love into a business where we’re very clear on what you need to succeed and at the same time keep the fun in your business activities.

Turn Passion into Profit!

The game of Pickleball is an obsession for many. Maybe even you, too! Why not turn that passion into profit? But who wants to work 40 hrs/wk?! Not us and not you, right? Pickleball is a fun and easy game to learn and play. That’s exactly how the American Pickleball Association has designed the franchise opportunity. Quick to learn, easy to run, and fun to do!


Franchise opportunities around the world!

We’re expanding into other countries, too!

Get Your Franchise

Opportunity is knocking…

For an initial investment of $25,000, franchises will have exclusive development rights in designated markets. To build memberships, manage leagues, run tournaments, offer clinics, after-school and summer camp programs for kids of all ages, and even offer Pickleball related travel adventures to exotic destinations! All using the American Pickleball Association branded system and tools.

Franchise pricing comparison

American Pickleball Franchise vs Typical Franchise

At only $25,000, American Pickleball Association franchises are far less costly than any typical retail franchise. No extensive product line to carry, minimal inventory, no location specific overhead, no staff, no excessive licensing and other related expenses typical of standard franchising options. Much like the game of Pickleball itself, it’s a much simpler, inexpensive model.