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With a love for flying and, well, just living in general, this man lives with passion. His enthusiasm was tested when he suffered a sever spinal injury.

Yet as a glass full kinda guy he knows this accident lead him to a wonderful new social activity. It lead him to discover pickleball! What a great game it is he says…

He has a personal favourite saying. When someone comes up to him and says “How are you doing?” he says, “A whole lot better now what you’re here!” And he truly means it. A great way to look at and treat other people.

Passion for people = Pickleball

His love of people is his greatest connection to Pickleball. Anyone who has played this game for a while knows the social aspect is really the foundation of this great game.

This game has an incredible way of connecting people from all walks of life. It’s the kind of game that once you play it for a bit you’re hooked and the social aspect is the glue that keeps people coming back again and again.