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When people are looking to retire things are changing what influences their decision on where to retire. Have you heard of pickleball retirement communities?! Well, you will…

New communities are being formed across the nation that aim to cater to pickleball fanatics looking for prime places to retire. So when you retire will you look for the pickleball related amenities the community offers?

pickleball retirement communities

Social Benefits of Pickleball

Building multiple courts and providing pickleball related options is becoming a real requirement for community planning. Especially for attracting retirees. We all love to socialize once in a while (or all the time!) and pickleball social clubs are the most active social groups in virtually all retirement communities.

Where people across the USA are looking at for retirement is definitely being influenced by their love for pickleball. Where do you think most are moving to in order to have this pickleball lifestyle?

Florida is Still King

With it’s proportionately elderly population, is the location of choice for pickleball retirement. Florida is a haven for pickleballers and their communities provide top notch options for the pickleball lovers looking to retire.

It’s a virtual must for retirement destinations to provide multiple courts, pickleball social groups and full access to pickleball related services and products. Florida still takes the lead in all these. At least for now…

Build them and we will come!

Increasing court numbers, expanding pickleball social options, offering group travel focused on pickleball have all become a necessity for retirement locations that look to attract seniors top live in their areas. The trend shows signs of increasing as the game of pickleball continues to be the fastest growing sport in the USA and soon the world.