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pickleball paddles

With the ever increasing number of courts opening across the USA some people say it’s getting too noisy!

The sound of perfection

I’ve talked to many players about the sound coming off the pickleball paddle when a ball is struck perfectly and they say they LOVE the sound! Different balls and different paddles make their own unique sound. But there’s the rub…

So with people living near all these new pickleball courts complaining about the noise what’s the solution? Yes, quiet paddles! And that’s exactly what this man created.

Quiet Paddles – The Sound fo Silence…

I guess it was inevitable. The differing opinions of players and people living near courts on how pleasing (or annoying) the sound is has reached a crescendo. (I know, a blatant pun, had to…) So as the issue reached a fevered pitch someone had to do something, right?

Apparently, yes. This guy decided to create a virtually silent paddle. Really, it’s not a bad idea. If you like it quiet coming off the paddle you can buy one. And you’ll make a few friends (well, less enemies) of your neighbours who have to listen to your games.

See video here

You rowdy, trouble causing pickleballers!

Seems funny how the seniors are the rowdy crowd now! I thought it was the youth that got people to complain about the noise they made with the partying and all. But it seems the unruly crowd has become pickleballers! Haha!

But with the solution at hand you can have silence in your hands and benefit the ears of people everywhere. I smile as I write this post as it’s kind of an amusing topic but clearly it has become very real. At least one man has a solution that may become music to ears everywhere. The blissful sound of silence…