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They say Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Well, consider yourself very lucky then…

Opportunity is Knocking Very Loudly Here

Take a look at these (and this is an infinitesimal sample) of some recent news article headlines on pickleball:

Interest in pickleball is quickly rising in the Valley – Annapolis – article goes on to talk about the crazy growth

Pickleball courts coming to Franklin Park – demand forces more courts

West Virginia’s first sanctioned pickleball tournament is coming to Morgantown – growth warrants a sanction tournament.

I could literally display hundreds of similar articles saying the same things: pickleball is booming – yet no-one has heard of it! Haha, go figure! And here’s why this is an insanely good opportunity…

Pickleball Growth, Our System = Your Opportunity

In this case luck isn’t really the right word. We saw the growth and the timing was perfect. BEFORE everyone has heard off the game yet at the same time metrics and data show a massive, exploding trend is happening.

Why does this matter t you? Well, it will if you love pickleball, want to do what you love AND get paid while you’re doing it! 🙂 We created a franchise model that lets you, or anyone with a passion for pickleball to turn that passion into profit.

Timing is Everything

Everyone likes to look back at success and say things like “yeah, they were lucky, they got into that thing when it first started” and other similar cliche’s that people who don’t act on obvious opportunities say to themselves.

The reality is, pickleball is in a perfect place for those who see opportunity and want to be involved but want minimal risk. We have a system too that lets you profit from ALL aspects of the industry without taking massive risk.

Imagine getting paid to go on pickleball vacations. Check. Want to make money while tournaments are on? Check. How about getting paid when someone goes and buys a paddle, balls, shirt or other merchandise? Check.

It’s your turn to be lucky!

The whole idea was to create a one stop system where you get to participate ion all aspects of the growth, get paid from m multiple activities, minimize risk and do what you love while making some money. Not a bad plan, right?!

We thought so and so do many others. Life is good in the pickleball world and we’re doing our part to make it better for others who ashore this passion. Look at what we’re doing and you’ll see something so unique yet brilliantly simple.

Take a look at a presentation here and learn more: Pickleball Opportunity