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pickleball mascot image

Meet Rosey.

She’s our American

Pickleball Association


She likes showing off her profile. 🙂 It was time to introduce her to everyone and she was so impressed, too. Ok, a bit impatient and wondering why it didn’t happen sooner, but she got over it…..

Having the right mascot is important, yeah, of course. But it’s even more important that the mascot reflects the soul of the brand. We’re about family, fun, community and spreading joy.

So what do you think? Ahhh, I know, you love her, too! As we continue to grow our amazing business and share the incredible opportunity for every pickleball loving person we gain momentum and Rosey will be front and centre to share the ride!

A friend in need…

pickleball mascot twins pic

It’s good to have a friend! As you can see they both love Pickleball. Haha. Ok, they might need a tailor and some custom fitting but they’re adorable, right?!

After all, the game itself is named after a dog. It makes perfect sense to make Rosey our mascot. Ok, she might not look like a pickle but she loves the game. Well, loves pickleballs anyways!

Hopefully you get a chance to meet her at a pickleball vacation or tournament put on by the American Pickleball Association. And of course if you’re franchisee you’ll see her lots! Check the link above to learn more about being involved.