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How effective is the lob shot in pickleball?

In certain circles the lob shot is frowned upon or perhaps even seen as useless. Do you use it? When do you use it? Does it work for you and is there a time and way to use the lob shot that makes it effective? Yes, as you’ll see!

When should it be used?

The pickleball lob shot is typically used on these situations:

  • At the net to throw opponent off
  • Get opponent out of position
  • Slow the pace of the point
  • Buy some time to get back into the kitchen to ready fore their return shot
  • Can be used offensively and defensively

Top level players use the lob to precision and it works!


If you’re being pulled off the court by an opponents shot use the lob to buy time to get back on the court and be ready for their return. It is an essential technique and tool in your pickleball toolkit to be a all around player.


The offensive lob is great when you want to move an opponent off the net and back them up and out them on the defensive. You can take c control of there point.

Cool drill for using the offensive lob to great results!

Those who choose not to use the pickleball lob shot are limiting their game and their fun. It is the perfect strategy when used in the right situations and done properly. Don’t be afraid to use it, it’s not hard to do and it’s awesome seeing it works!