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You know exercises can be fun! Yes. Especially for pickleball. Many don’t appreciate that even pickleball performance (and longevity) can benefit from exercise.

Below you’ll find a great video that shows some really easy pickleball exercises. Have you ever found that your motion feels inhibited while playing? Or that you just can’t move as smoothly as you want? Then these exercises are great for you.

Minimize Injury

It’s not only your performance that suffers from poor physical motion. Pickleball exercises can help minimize injury, as well. It can be as simple as reaching for a ball and you just can’t seem to get that extra inch!

And then POP! something doesn’t feel right. You might pull a muscle or really injure yourself from a lack of fitness. Why not do some really basic movements that anyone can do no matter your age?!

Faster Recovery

We all want to play as much pickleball as possible, right? Then it makes sense to do some simple exercises that will let you recover faster so you can get out and play another game!

This is a very short and informative video that has some wonderful and effective demonstration of pickleball exercises.

Take the time and add a few of your your favourite exercises to your daily routine. You’ll feel better, you’ll play better and you may even prevent injury. Not to mention you may play your best pickleball ever when your body does what you’re asking it to while playing!

While you’re at it don’t forget to stay hydrated with pickleball juice!