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pickleball love pic

Nothing connects people like pickleball!

Is there another game that can bring people of all ages together like pickleball does? I’m not sure there is…

I saw a girl who was maybe 8 playing a game with her grandfather. Just think about that for as moment. They can easily play together with no apparent skill gap. Assuming of course they both know and have played the game for a while.

Pickleball is a Generational Game

It is a rare thing indeed when a family can come together from multiple generations and all play a game together that includes everyone. This game is destined to become mainstream in a way most people don’t truly realize yet.

I saw smiling faces on a young girl and laughter bellowing from her grandfather! I enjoyed just watching them play. Now think about the social implications of all this. The grandfather feels closer to his grand-daughter. The grand-daughter gets to connect with her grandfather in a way that may never have happened.

“Families that play together stay together”

There’s a saying that goes like this “Families that play together stay together”. I believe this is a truth. Going for walks, playing games, eating dinner together. Pickleball unites. It allows all family members to get something from the game in their own way and this makes it like glue, making families stronger.

When we have fun together and share ideas, comments, laughter and competitive jabber it bonds us in a unique and lasting way. We look forward to our next game or next family gathering. How beautiful is this?!

Long live pickleball!

This game is continuing to grow and make its way into the hearts and minds of families across the world. Especially here in North America. There’s really no stopping the expansion of this great game and we’ll do our part in sharing the incredible gift of connection it offers.

Long live pickleball! Join us in spreading pickleball and it’s power to connect!