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pickleball celebrities bill and melinda gates

High profile people like Bill & Melinda Gates love pickleball!

Bill and Melinda Gates play pickleball?!

Indeed the do! And they’re not the only high profile pickleball celebrities people getting addicted to this game! Can you imagine where this kind of PR will take this game?

I can tell you! Upwards and onwards that’s for certain! Bill and Melinda like to play to relax. That’s interesting. Many play rot get stimulated and excited. But whatever the reason it’s a powerful indicator of the steady expansion of this game into the mainstream.

Even Andre Agassi plays pickleball???

How about tennis legends Andre Agassiz and Andy Roddick! Ok, they’re just learning about it and playing it but it’s catching on. Highly successful (massive understatement) Garry Vaynerchuk, internet marketer extraordinaire, played pickleball with Andre and Andy. Check it out:

Garry Vaynerchuk plays pickleball with Andre Agassi & Andy Roddick!
See full video on his youtube channel:

Major brands are popping up like pop corn

Major brands are getting behind the sport in huge ways as well. They’re getting behind pickleball and spreading the game (to profit from its growth).

Head, Wilson, Onix, Selkirk and many others are jumping on the bandwagon. They’re not doing this for kicks! No, they’re doing it because it'[s a wise and profitable business move.

Isn’t it time YOU capitalized on this craze and found a way to get a piece of this burgeoning market? Now you can: Pickleball Profits

It’s a great time for pickleball and to be honest we are all the early adopters. This game isn’t even close to mainstream yet and the money is rolling in…See you inside!