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Take a guess at the age our newest American Pickleball member. Have you made your guess? Little Stanley Hoag is a mere 3 years old! Looking mighty fine holding that paddle that’s as big as his body, huh!

His grandparents play and inspired young Stanley to join the fun. And he’s having plenty of it! So let me ask you a question…

When should kids start pickleball?

youth pickleball

Is there an age that is too young? Of course if a kid can’t walk that clearly pushes the limit! But if a youngster can hold a paddle and wants to try, why not let them go!? This raises an interesting point that I’ll be exploring in another blog post.

Why are there so few (read the word NO) tournaments that allow youth under 19 to enter? Like I said, I’ll get into this in another post but I want to plant that seed as it’s a serious issue that’s preventing youngsters from competing and getting deeper into the game.

Fun and connection makes this game unique

Just think about the fact little Stanley can play with his grandparents and enjoy a game that allows this multi generational, mutually shared enjoyment. Like the saying goes, families that play together stay together…

The feeling of a deep and growing connection from playing a game together is truly incredible. I don’t know of any other physical game where someone 70 can play with a child of 3 or 7 or whatever!

Truly a game of a lifetime that has the power to bring families and friends together in ways that people long for. Pickleball is barely out of the starting gates in terms of full public awareness and uptake.

Once it hits mainstream, which it is quickly doing, this game will be a staple in many families lives. It is the ultimate, easy to play sport that connects us all in the best ways possible.

Go pickleball!