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American Pickleball Association Membership!

Join other pickleball lovers and be a part of the team that enjoys online store discounts, exclusive events, leagues, special perks & more!

Let’s look a summary of all the benefits you’re getting as an American Pickleball Association member:

You’ll love the member social events, leagues & tournaments!

One of the many reasons we all love this game is because of the social vibe we all get, right?! It’s fun to be around like minded pickle ballers who love the game and get to have friendly competition. A great way to make friends and have fun, too!


The t-shirt was worth more than the cost of membership so I figured hey, why not. In the end I’m glad I joined as I bought a new paddle and a few other things and saved more than I paid for the membership. All in all a pretty good deal just for that part of it.

РEddy Brathwaite 

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No more standing on the outside looking in at all the perks of being an American Pickleball Association member. Grab your key and unlock the door to member only benefits!