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American Pickleball Association

Join others like you who love Pickleball. It’s good to be a member!

Member Only Discounts

As a valued member you get access to special member only discounts. Deals on events, tournament entries and online store specials. We will always be adding to your benefits so it really does pay to be a member!

Discount Travel
Early bird discount on American Pickleball Association sponsored travel offerings!
Custom Branded T-Shirt
Branded  American Pickleball Association Tee shirt, plus more, just for enrolling!
Pickleball Publications
Discounts on Pickleball-related publications, just for being a member.

Special Deals at our Store!

Need a new paddle, new balls, or a cool shirt?! Save money by being a member and you’ll never pay what the general public pays! Ongoing discounts to you as an American Pickleball Association member. We treat you right!

Online Store Discounts
Browse the product store at your leisure with no concern of having to worry about price! You ALWAYS get the best prices at the APA store!
There’s nothing like clinics to get your game fine tuned and we’ll have exclusive clinics for our members only!
Local Competition
Local challenge ladders to measure your game against. These are fun ways to challenge yourself and see where your game stands! Not to mention bragging rights with your friends 🙂

Member Only Training

Yes, membership has its privileges! We have custom video lessons from professional instructors exclusive to members only. These private lessons keep your game tuned and take your love of the game to a new level.
Training Videos
Access to training videos that are done by a professional pickleball player with years of experience. Not available to the general public.
Social Events
Attend member only social events and rub elbows and share ideas with other obsessed pickleballers from around the world!

In-person and online opportunities for networking and connecting with fellow members all across your local area and beyond.

Rating Tracking
Track your game and your ranking level in a real time way. Know where you stand and know what you need to advance!

Why Become a Member?

Member Store Discounts
Member only discounts and deals in our store. Hats, shorts, racquets, and all things pickleball!
Member's Only Coaching
You get online access to premium coaching to take and keep your game at the highest level. Tips and tricks that let you play with pizazz and skill.
Member's Only League
Our very own league that allows American Pickleball Association members to get in and participate.
Member's Only Tournaments
Tournaments across the USA and ultimately around the world only members will know about! These are fun, challenging and have lots of prizes. They take winning & fun to a new level!
We’ve detailed above the many benefits of membership but there’s also another huge perk. Besides belonging to an exclusive club of like minded players, you get to share in the growth of this great game! How, you ask? By participating in our online member’s area you gain points and wider access to special deals reserved for those of you who choose to share this membership with other players. Yes, we have some extra special resources, training, events and incredible product discounts we’ll be giving away to these rare group of members. So act now and join the team!
“When I first got into pickleball I thought it was a fun game, pretty easy to learn and to play. And the games were quick. But then I soon found out I’d become one of the countless crazed players who were playing every day. I couldn’t get enough of this crazy game! When I learned some cool tips and shot techniques my joy really exploded. Now I even want to compete and play in some tournaments and that’s something I didn’t even dream I’d be doing in pickleball!”
—Sherriann Dornam