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Covid-19 Safety Update:
H. Weiss PhD,MH, MS Epidemiologist, Adjunct Professor University of Wisconsin



1. Bring and use your own pickleball, instead of those provided to the courts.

2. After a game, instead of the handshake, fist bump or paddles touch,

At a distance of 10 feet from your partner and opponents:

Place your paddle over your heart, Smile And say “Good game!”

Pickleball is Booming!

Growth around the world is accelerating as the game becomes increasingly played in all corners of the globe. There are no signs of a slow down.

Number of Players in the USA


Increase over 2016

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Casual play & tournaments are growing steadily in all age groups

Casual play has continued to expand. Since it’s a game for all ages, entire families are getting involved. That’s a great benefit of this game. Professionals are coming into the sport as well and high level tournaments with name sponsors are adding credibility and public awareness of pickleball. This will continue to grow awareness around the world as tours develop and more people come to watch and play!

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